Well it has been seven years since we moved to Canada from Britain. Through laughter and tears, our experiences have been incredible. I have probably learnt more about myself and others in the last seven years, than the entire time of my life. Working as a care aide has given me insight I only feel honored to have achieved. As a Realtor, I have taken with me the compassion serving others and carried this through when representing my clients. I am now known as the British Bulldog of Real Estate, but not for long, as I prepare to become a Canadian Citizen, what will my nickname be then?! Although I will maintain dual citizenship so I can travel as I please.

I have done more studying since coming into this country than ever! A good thing really, expanding your mind keeps you on your toes. I am now reading the book that the Citizenship and Immigration Canada have sent me called ‘Discover Canada’. Learning about the geography, history and politics of this wonderful land we have chosen to live in.

Both my son, who is 23 and I have to do the written test, my husband does not as he is over 55. I do believe they have changed the rules this month and anyone who is under 64, now has to do the test. Trevor just escaped this one! The kids automatically get theirs along with us.

The process usually takes around two years to complete, however, I wrote a long, nagging letter about needing our citizenship sooner as Ellen, my daughter, wants to represent Canada in the World Championships for Acrobatic Gymnastics, in 2015. This worked, and so here we are.

We have to turn up at the Rotary Arts Centre with all our paperwork supported our application and then the test. Then I think the next step will be the Ceremony, possibly on Canada Day. TimSavemy’s all round on that day, eh?