“Life is what you make it, so make it what you like”

My father was my inspiration, and still is.  I lost my Father to Cancer in September 2003. He was a tall strong man, highly respected amongst his peers and loved by all of his family.  He always believed that investment success was through real estate, or “bricks and mortar” as he use to say!  I’ll never forget to things he used to do to have fun, and make us kids laugh!  We lived in a tiny council house in West London, which we had bought from the Council and had added extensions on and completely renovated.

One day, Dad was digging a huge hole in the garden, well it seemd huge, looking back it was around 8 ft x 4ft.  Considering that was about the size of the garden, I’d say it was huge!  Mum later tells me he was exacavating for sewage lines or whatever, but when I asked him what he was doing, he looked up covered in mud, with his vest on (undershirt), and proudly annouced that he was digging a swimming pool!  Well, if you live in the UK, expecially back in the 70’s you would understand how exciting and ridiculous this statement was. To have a swimming pool, you had to be extremely rich!  My brother and I were so excited waitng for Dad to finish the pool!  He dug a perfect rectangle, lined it with plastic held down by some large breeze blocks and filled the pool overnight with water from the hose. We lived on top of a hill and by morning there must of been just a foot of water in this hole.  We didn’t care, out we went with our bathing suits and jumped in the freezing cold water, stubbing our toes on the bricks as we went.  I’ll never forget Dad’s face as we had a brief glimpse of that rich feeling.  WE HAD A POOL!!!  Shortly after Dad filled in the hole and we were onto the next project.

To bring this all back to real estate, my Dad continued his dreaming by seizing every opportunity givien to him through life. it was only throuh real estate investment and planning that we ended up where we are today and now I have that pool I have always dreamed of. Let me help you acheive you dreams.

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